James' Jaunts
Three BSP classmates and I visited Hyde Park on Sunday morning.  It was a fabulous day-the weather was gorgeous and the park was too crowded.  We discovered that paddle boating is available at the lake, so some of us hope to return there for that. 

We just casually strolled along the path beside the Serpentine and enjoyed the day.

One thing of note--how do the Brits get their dogs to behave so well?  They were all over the park, hardly any of them were on leashes and they weren't running/jumping on strangers, diving in the water, or tearing up the plants.  They just politely trotted in their masters' wake(s).  It was amazing.  I might need to find Solomon an exchange family for a few months.  Haha. 

We ended our visit at Speaker's Corner, a place where anyone and everyone can get up on their soapbox, literally, and express their opinions.  I've posted a short video for you!

Absolutely breathtaking! It looks like you could easily spend a day there. Perfect spot to read? :)


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