James' Jaunts
Stephen Lawrence Gallery
University of Greenwich

The gallery was established in 2000, in honor of a black teenager who was murdered at a bus stop.  His mother was a student at the University of Greenwich, and she and the University decided to open a gallery in his name because they wanted his creativity to live on.  The gallery embraces all cultures and visual practices. 

The current exhibition celebrates a group of artists' studios that existed from 1974 to 1994.  Some of these artists banded together to form the Art in Perpetuity trust.  The collection features art from these artists; some are works from the original era and some works were inspired by that era.  This exhibition is actually the second in the series.  The first exhibition featured archival photographs of works from that era displayed with current works.   The gallery director gave each of us a booklet of the first exhibition.  He said that the gallery often features archival exhibitions. 

The gallery's website is www.stephenlawrencegallery.net.

Old Royal Naval College

After visiting the Stephen Lawrence Gallery and pinicking, we had a tour of the Old Royal Naval College.  This, according to our tour guide, was the birthplace of America, where the king signed the deeds and gave permission for the pilgrims to travel to the New World.  It has a long royal history.  It was built by King Henry V's brother, Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester.  It was the birthplace of Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and her sister Mary.  

It functioned as a hospital (i.e. retirement home) for pensioners from 1705 to 1865.  It was reopened in 1873 as the Royal Naval College.   The naval college gave up the lease in 1998.  The government eventually set up the Greenwich Foundation, which required the premises to be used for educational purposes.  It now houses the University of Greenwich and the Trinity College of Music. 

We toured a the undercroft, the Painted Hall, and the Chapel.  I've included pictures below of each.  A few of us then hiked up the hill to the Royal Observatory, where we stood in both hemispheres at once. 

I know those of you reading probably wonder why we didn't actually tour the Greenwich Library.  Because they are moving...as simple as that.  They have closed it down during relocation.  It is usually the number one stop in Greenich for LIS 580. 

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