James' Jaunts
So, I started writing out my schedule in my monthly planner yesterday, and got really excited!  This is going to be awesome!

June 30: Departure
July 1: Arrive in London
July 2: Orientation; First class meeting; and London Alive Event 1
July 3: London Alive Event 2
July 4: St. Paul's Cathedral Library; Welcome Reception
July 5: Barbican Library; Museum of London
July 6: British Museum
July 7: British Library
July 8-10:  free weekend or Paris/Edinburgh weekend trip
July 11: Greenwich Maritime Museum Library
July 12: London Library
July 13: Stratford-upon-Avon
July 14: National Art Library; V & A Museum
July 15: Oxford; Bodleian Library
July 16: Free day
July 17: London away departures begin--we travel to Edinburgh, Scotland
July 18: Central Library; National Archives of Scotland
July 19: Dunfermline Carnegie Library
July 20: Independent research day or trip to Roslyn Chapel (optional)
July 21-25: Mini Break (Ireland, here I come...hopefully)
July 26-28: Academic days (class meetings) with focus TBA.
July 29: Research Symposium
July 30: Final Exam in the a.m.
July 31: Departure for home!

    London Away:
    British Studies
    Summer 2011


    I am a professional student.  I have a formal education--both a Bachelor and Master's degree in English, and I am working on a Master's in Library and Information Sciences.  But I believe that life experience is the greatest teacher anyone can have.  So I am hitting the road to have fun and to learn--and no, that's not mutally exclusive!--and live life to the fullest.



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