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Well, tomorrow is the big day and, as this blog's title states, it's only a day away. There are no nervous clutchings in my tummy as of yet...surprising I must say. Concerning my list of things to do, I only completely accomplished all but the number one, which is sad considering that was the most important.

Anyway, I am now all packed up except for my carry-on; I'm just waiting for my laptop to charge up so I can pack it in there, then that will be completed also. My suitcase definitely weighs more than 50 lbs but the airline I'm flying with actually, and very considerately, has a range...50 to 70 lbs is alloted amount for one piece of checked baggage, which is all I have. Geez, I'm a girl, I can't go to England for 4 weeks with under 50 lbs of luggage! And I have a feeling I will definitely be paying the $25.00 fee for excess weight on the return trip. But so what!?!

I have one last errand to run and then I will be able to sit and relax.

Okay...all charged up...time to pack and weigh.

Next time I write to everyone, I'll be doing so from jolly Ol' England!


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