James' Jaunts
I went to the church service at St. Paul's Cathedral. It is astoundingly beautiful. I also got a recording of the bells on my MP3 player, which I will, hopefully, download for everyone. The interior of the cathedral is gorgeous; it made me wish I'd paid more attention in that section of Art 105. Sorry Dr. Katz!

We arrived about 5 mins before it started. They actually have a processional and recessional march and the congregation is required to stand as the choir and ministers enter and leave the sanctuary. The choir consisted of boys and men. They walked in singing "Hallelujah". One kid picked his nose on the way up...it was kind of endearing. When the last man in the choir walked by I thought he was singing soprano. The best part about it is they sang Latin hymns. I was ever so happy.

I was also impressed by the number of women ministers; I think there were four or five. Of the two that spoke, one was the President and the other was the Deacon.

I got a picture of the front entrance as I was leaving but my camera batteries conked out. But I'll go back and take more.

Oh, if anyone speaks with Dr. Forrest, let her know that I absolutely loved Boots Pharmacy, as she said I would and I have located Twinings Tea Shop. It is on my list of places to hit.

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