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I just spent my first day in London completely on my own...and it was actually really nice. I rode the tube by myself for the first time and I wasn't too intimidated. The signs are fairly clear. Of course, I didn't have to change lines or anything, which is really when it get complicated.

I went from Waterloo to Tottenham Court Road to go to the British Museum. I will admit here that I got a little lost but I blame it entirely on my map. It showed a break in the street, like I needed to go one street up and then over but I actually only needed to go right around the corner from the station. And for all you doubters out there, I DID orient the map!

I enjoyed the museum, as there were a lot of artifacts that I've only seen in textbooks but, strangely enough, I was not hugely impressed with it. I went to accrue some of my culture points, the assignment that requires that we find and identify 10 medieval artifacts. There weren't really a lot of choices. You basically had a sword and knives in about 8 different cases and it was all early medieval, Anglo-Saxon, artifacts. There wasn't anything (that I could find) from the later middle ages. It seemed to skip from Anglo-Saxon, early medieval, straight to 19th century European. A little disappointing.

I almost hate to write this second part on the account of Misty...she may rescind her offer of lunch at Taco Bell upon my return...but, yes, I did go see Harry Potter in LONDON! And it was fantastic! The director, David Yates, may be the Peter Jackson of Harry Potter movies. I don't normally save my ticket stubbs but this is definitely one I'm saving. (Of course, I've saved my tube ticket and my Eye ticket, so that's not too unusual.

I am also happy to report that my refrigerator is now fixed. I will be going grocery shopping shortly.

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