James' Jaunts
This was event two of my London Alive! events...a tour of Jack the Ripper's bloody path. We only actually went to two of the murders sites, the sites of the fourth and fith victims. But we followed his footsteps in escaping the police after murdering and mutilating his fourth victim, after the cry went out.

1. Mr. Harvey, our tour guide; 2, 3, & 4. The London Wall, existing from Roman and Medieval times; 5. The Crutched Friars of Crutched Friar Street (on the way to the fourth victim's murder site); 6. St. Botolf's, the Patron Saint of Traveler's (where the fourth victim was arrested, leading her to her fateful meeting with Jack the Ripper); 7. Former site of Aldgate, demolished in 1750 (Chaucer's address but previously a gate exiting the city's wall in ancient and medieval times); 8. Passage Jack the Ripper escaped down we heard the bloodhounds searching; 9. Flats built in the early 1880s; 10. "Takeaway" passage was a passage in between the flats where the bloody apron was left and Ripper scrawled a message in blood (later erased by the lead investigator to avoid panic); 11. The actual size of the streets in the 1880s, population of one street that size approximately 3,000 people; 12. Famous (and anonymous) graffiti artist has painted this picture in multiple passageways in the East End; 13. St. Mary's of Spital Fields (the area where the fifth victim lived and died); 14. Refuge house built in the 1880s and run by nuns...it stayed empty because residents thought the rules were too strict-no prostitution, no drinking, and bathing required.

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