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I cannot believe I am only a week away from departure. I have been working on this for so long (since November 2006) that I honestly thought it would never arrive. And now it has. I will admit to a little nervousness...primarily about the flight right now. I am not an experienced flyer (1 previous experience) and am disastrous at directions, so I see a lot of lost wanderings in the upcoming month. Let's just hope I find the correct gate for my connecting flight!

So, I have a few projects for the upcoming week:

1. Generate draft of comps paper for patient Dr. Knutson (weekend)
2. Clean the pig sty that is my room.
3. Clean the pig sty that is my desk.
4. Buy remaining necessities
5. Launder clothes
6. Fill up on the last good food I will eat for a month (WARNING: Southern food snobbery emerging). I would kill for some fried shrimp and hush puppies right now!
7. PACK!

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